Lack of proper guidance by parents and teachers leads to societal decay: Maulana Raghib Naeemi

Islamabad ,  Pakistani parents are reluctant to discuss intimate health issues with their adolescent and growing up children, as a result of which young adults, both male and female, lack proper knowledge about puberty related issues.

This makes them grossly unprepared for the physical and emotional changes of adolescence and increases their vulnerability to exploitation, abuse and life threatening diseases, said Maulana Raghib Hussain Naeemi, Nazim Jamia Naeemia, Lahore.

One of the main reasons of societal decay is that neither parents nor teachers provide any guidance to children entering the age of adulthood, the period also known as adolescence , according to Maulana Naeemi.  The chances of children going astray persist if they were not provided with proper guidance on this issue,  he continued.

Puberty is that delicate junction in the life of a human being in which the body undergoes key physical and emotional changes. This natural process is due to hormonal changes, which prepares the body for adulthood.

Islam stresses on imparting this knowledge to children to ensure their safety from harm, according to Maulana Naeemi.  It is a parent s duty to prepare children for this phase of life and provide support and guidance on the various physiological and sexual changes of puberty,  according to him.

Maulana Naeemi urged parents to form a closer bond with their children, which can make them comfortable to share their thoughts about delicate matters and turn to them for advice.

It is binding upon parents and teachers to guide children as to how to accept the changes of puberty and how to deal with them,  said Maulana Naeemi. He stressed that they  must also teach them how to choose the best company among people they know and how to engage in safer activities, taking into account the basic differences between girls and boys as narrated by Islam.

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