Water shortage irks patients in Services Hospital

Karachi : Water shortage continues to irk patients, staff and attendants in Services Hospital Karachi, as Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) administration has yet to bother to connect water supply line of the hospital despite the passage [...]

Now, `photodynamic therapy` to kill deep-set cancer cells in vivo

Washington,  A new research has revealed about an FDA-approved photodynamic therapy that on being combined with a new type of nanoparticle effectively kill deep-set cancer cells in vivo with minimal damage to surrounding tissue and fewer side [...]

Now, less invasive brain surgery through cheek

Washington, A new research has revealed that the brain surgery through the cheek can make the treatment of severe epilepsy less invasive and dangerous. Currently neuroscientists treat epilepsy by drilling through the skull deep into the brain [...]

21-day quarantine period may not be enough for Ebola

Washington, A new study on Ebola outbreak has suggested that the currently used 21-day quarantine value could be reconsidered in order to sufficiently protect public health. Charles Hass, professor in Drexel”s College of Engineering, said [...]

Pink eye season: Viral eye infection cases on rise in city

  Karachi : President, Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi & renowned Ophthalmologist Prof Dr Muhammad Idress Adhi on Wednesday said conjunctivitis is a viral eye infection spread with start of winter season and citizens should avoid [...]

Urban dwellers more likely to be admitted to care

Karachi,  A new study has shown that older people living in towns and cities in Northern Ireland are a quarter more likely to be admitted to care homes than people living in rural areas. Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that [...]

Medical camps to be set up for PPP public meeting

  Karachi :  Peoples Paramedical Staff Welfare Association (PPSWA) Pakistan has finalized all its arrangements to establish medical camps at Mazar-e-Quaid on the occasion of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) 18th October public gathering [...]

Pakistan faces acute shortage of specialist doctors

KARACHI,  President, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), Prof Zafarullah Chaudhry, said on Tuesday that there are 31,387 specialist doctors in Pakistan which are not enough for 200 million population of the country. Talking [...]

Daily consumption of fruit juice can create problems for your heart

London,  A new study has found that daily consumption of fruit juice can actually prove dangerous for the heart. According to study’s lead author, Dr Matthew Pase, from the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, the sweet drinks could [...]

Body Mechanics can help you steer clear of chronic lower back pain

Washington,  A new study has revealed that body mechanics play a major role in avoiding and relieving chronic lower back pain, it has been reported. The research mentioned that arch was good and flat was bad to stay steer clear of lower back [...]

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