Dengue fever could soon be history

Washington,  New research by a University of Colorado School of Medicine researcher and colleagues may help scientists develop treatments or vaccines for Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and other disease-causing [...]

Tuberculosis drug could also help treat other diseases

Washington,  A drug under clinical trials to treat tuberculosis could be the basis for a class of broad-spectrum drugs that act against various bacteria, fungal infections and parasites, yet evade resistance. Led by University of Illinois chemistry [...]

Brown fat breakthrough may be `holy grail` of weight loss

Washington, The first MRI scan to show ‘brown fat’ in a living adult could pave way towards a new wave of therapies to aid the fight against diabetes and obesity. Researchers from Warwick Medical School and University Hospitals Coventry [...]

New method to fight Malaria drug resistance discovered

Washington,  An anti-malarial treatment that lost its status as the leading weapon against the deadly disease could be given a new lease of life, with new research indicating that it simply needs to be administered differently. The findings [...]

Childhood bullying impact remains persistent even after 40 years

London, The negative impact of being bullied in childhood remains persistent and pervasive, and lasts nearly 40 years later as well, it has been revealed. According to the study by King’s College London, the findings come from the British [...]

Centipede eats Snake inside out after it was swallowed

Washington,  A Centipede reportedly ate a Snake from inside out as revealed by a post mortem report conducted by a group of researcher. The scientist saw that a dead nose-horned viper where a centipede’s head was sticking out of its damaged [...]

LG secy orders conducting vigorous anti-dengue campaign

KARACHI,  Secretary Local Government Javed Hanif has directed local government officials to conduct a vigorous campaign against dengue in all small and big cities of Sindh in coordination with health department and take all possible measures [...]

Burney demands whereabouts of 14000 arrested in Karachi

KARACHI, Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, has very strongly condemned and urged federal and Sindh governments to disclose whereabouts of nearly 14,000 missing persons arrested [...]

Kids festival starts at Expo Center Karachi

KARACHI :  Kids and families educational and lifestyle exhibition  Kids Expo  Learn with Fun started at Karachi Expo Center. The three-day event is being organized by Fakt Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd, while All Private Schools Management Association [...]

Medicine shortage haunts ASH patients

Karachi : The medicine contractor of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) Karachi has suspended the supply of medicines over non-clearance of bills that has caused severe medicines shortage in the hospital. A reliable source of hospital on condition [...]

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