New gene associated with `diabetes` traits found

Washington: In a new study, scientists have discovered a gene that is linked to traits involved in diabetes. According to the collaborative research, which was led by Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) scientist Leah Solberg Woods, the gene [...]

Tackling dementia: Experts stress need to adopt healthy lifestyle

Karachi :  Pakistan is expected to become the third most populous country in the world in less than 40 years with a sizeable aging population. It is estimated that 36 million Pakistanis will be well over 50 years of age by that time and at [...]

Ebola infections cross 5000 mark in West Africa: WHO

Johannesburg, The World Health Organization (WHO) has reportedly said that the number of people infected by the Ebola virus in West Arica has crossed 5,000. The United Nations agency confirmed on Sunday that while the number of suspected and [...]

UN Security Council dubs Ebola outbreak ` threat to international peace, security`

London,  The United Nations Security Council has termed the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a “threat to international peace and security”. Addressing an emergency meeting of the council, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that [...]

Even single dose of antidepressant results in changes to brain

Washington,  A new research has revealed that a single dose of antidepressant produces dramatic changes in the functional architecture of the human brain. The researchers from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences said [...]

0.5m people suffering from dementia disease in Pakistan

  KARACHI :  President Pakistan Society of Neurology and renowned neurologist Prof Muhammad Wasay Shakir on Friday said that although there was no exit data was available about Alzheimer or dementia-reversed memory disease at national [...]

23 new genetic variants linked with increased risk for prostate cancer

Washington,  Scientists have recently identified 23 new genetic variants that could raise man’s risk for prostate cancer. The so-called “meta-analysis,” believed to be the largest of its kind, has revealed once hidden mutations among [...]

Minister warns strict action against negligent officials

  Karachi, Provincial Minister for Health Sindh Dr Saghir Ahmed on Thursday said strict departmental action would be taken against officials found negligent regarding anti-polio drive in Karachi.   He expressed these while talking [...]

US Official Tries to Allay Fear Ebola Could Become Airborne

As the Ebola epidemic continues to spread unchecked in western Africa, fears are beginning to emerge that the virus could mutate and the disease could become airborne. Some experts say the chances are remote, though, that Ebola could spread [...]

New study provides deeper insight on Parkinson’s disease

Washington : Scientists have gained new information on what causes the Parkinson’s disease. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter which affects physical and psychological functions such as motor control, learning and memory. Levels of [...]

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