Man’s virginity pledge could cause sexual confusion post-wedding

Washington :  A new study has demonstrated that young men who pledge to remain virgins until their marriages, could lead to them experiencing sexual confusion even after their wedding days. The study showed that sexual one-upmanship can all [...]

Worm-like ancient `misfit` finds family in `tree of life`

Washington : The fossil of an ancient worm-like creature, which had legs, spikes and a head difficult to distinguish from its tail, has finally been placed in the evolutionary tree of life. The animal, known as Hallucigenia due to its otherworldly [...]

How kids `memorize` facts revealed

Washington : A new study has provided an insight into how the brains of children help them to memorize facts and math skills. According to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, new brain-imaging research gave the first evidence [...]

New hope for curing malaria

Washington : A new research has developed a fresh computational method to study the function of disease-causing genes with a new discovery of a gene associated with malaria. Dr. Olivier Lichtarge, professor of molecular and human genetics and [...]

Common parenting mechanisms of humans, animals could improve social development

Washington : A new study has suggested that the parenting of humans and animals share several common mechanisms which can ultimately lead to a better social development. The researchers, Larry Young and James Rilling, from the Yerkes National [...]

ET fans accuse NASA of `hiding truth` about spotted UFO

London : Extraterrestrial fans have accused NASA of “covering up” the truth about a “flying disc”, which was spotted on a live NASA space webcam. The video from the International Space Station, which showed an Unidentified Flying Object, [...]

New gene editing method may correct muscular dystrophy

Washington : A new study has used a new gene editing method to correct the mutation that leads to Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in a mouse model. The researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center used a technique called CRISPR/Cas9-mediated [...]

Gene behind `blood vessel` formation discovered

Washington : A new research has helped discover the gene, which plays a crucial role in formation of blood vessel. Professor David Beech at the University of Leeds, who led the research, said that the blood vessel networks were not already pre-constructed [...]

You learn things better when you are expected to teach them

Washington : A new research conducted on students claims that when people are expected to further teach the material they were being taught, it makes them learn things better. Lead author John Nestojko, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at WUSTL, [...]

Do you crave for temporarily unavailable goods?

Washington : Scientists have analyzed whether people’s desire regarding something that is not available at that moment, increases or decreases over time. In a recent study titled ‘How Non-Consumption Shapes Desire,’ Ayelet Fishbach, from [...]

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