How to avoid heat-related illnesses revealed

Washington : Bret Nicks, associate professor of emergency medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical, has revealed some simple steps to follow in order to avoid heat-related illnesses. Nicks said exercising in high temperatures could limit people’s [...]

Trees help save human life more than you know

Washington : A new first ever national study has revealed that trees help save human lives on a greater extent by reducing respiratory problems. While trees’ pollution removal equated to an average air quality improvement of less than 1 percent, [...]

Earth’s 6th mass extinction begins

Washington : A study has revealed the early stages of Earth’s 6th mass extinction event, for which human activities are being held responsible. The biologists from Stanford University have cautioned that, since 1500, more than 320 terrestrial [...]

Now, a formula to help families spend happy summer time

London : A new research has revealed a formula in order to avoid disagreement among family members about what to do together in summer. According to the Daily Express, holiday resort chain, Butlins, teamed up with leading psychologist David [...]

University of Sheffield: Graduating student becomes first in UK to capture the moment using Google G

Sheffield ; The emotional journey of graduation day has been captured by a student from the University of Sheffield, using revolutionary Google Glass technology. Munyaradzi Chawawa, aged 21, graduated from the University on Wednesday , July [...]

Orgasm not necessarily a sexual event, claims study

London : A recent study has claimed that orgasm is not just a sexual event as an increasing number of women are experiencing exercise-induced orgasms (EIO) called “coregasms”. The co-author of the study, Debby Herbenick, said that the findings [...]

Now, a jab that can help fight against arthritis

London : Researchers have developed a new revolutionary procedure that could help prevent the disease ever striking in the first place. The injection uses the technique that involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells taken from a patient’s [...]

Is paracetamol a back ache drug or just placebo?

Washington : A new study has revealed paracetamol is no better than Placebo as it does not help in speedy recovery from severe lower back pain or improving pain levels, function, sleep, or quality of life. Low-back pain has been the leading [...]

Trying harder doesn’t help adults learn languages: Study

Washington : A new study has revealed that the harder adults try to learn an artificial language, the worse they are at deciphering the language’s morphology, the structure and deployment of linguistic units such as root words, suffixes, and [...]

Microbiologists unravel mystery of TB causing microbe

Washington : Microbiologists has find the mechanisms by which the aerobic soil microbe Mycobacterium smegmatis is able to persist for extreme lengths of time in the absence, or near-absence, of oxygen which might develop a revolutionary class [...]

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