Scientist claims Earth will be nuked just as Martians were by aliens

London, A leading scientist has claimed that life on Mars was eradicated by bomb-weilding aliens and Earth should be ready for a similar nuke. Plasma physicist, Brandenburg, said that they need to find out more about what happened to avoid the [...]

Underwater robot provides first detailed 3-D maps of Antarctic sea ice

Washington,  A team of scientist has developed first detailed, high-resolution 3-D maps of Antarctic sea ice using an underwater robot. Scientists from the UK, USA and Australia say the new technology provides accurate ice thickness measurements [...]

How we watch TV can help detect eye related issues

Washington :  Scientists have found a new way to detect eye related issues, by monitoring how our eyes respond to watching TV. Researchers at City University London have discovered that they could identify diseases such as glaucoma by looking [...]

Scientists reveal why `tears of joy` are normal

Washington : In a new study scientists have found the reason behind why people tend to cry when they are really happy. Lead author of the work, Yale psychologist Oriana Aragon, who conducted a series of studies of the seemingly incongruous expressions, [...]

Philae lander on route to comet post Rosetta orbiter separation

Washington : The Philae lander has separated from the Rosetta orbiter, and is now on its way to becoming the first spacecraft to touch down on a comet. Separation was confirmed at ESA’s Space Operation Centre, ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany at [...]

New beaded leggings claim to destroy cellulite

Washington : A British company has come up with a pair of leggings featuring 1,200 wooden beads woven into the fabric that claims to diminish cellulite through simulated massage. The product Cellulite Crusher website said that there are many [...]

Scientists turn aging brain into `plastic` child-like state

Washington : Scientists have revealed that they have discovered a way to revert an adult brain to the “plastic”, child-like state that is more able to form new connections quickly. Professor Carla Shatz of Stanford University and her colleagues [...]

Google to rent historic airfield from NASA for `ambitious` space exploration, aviation projects

Washington :  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has reportedly revealed that it is renting its historic Moffett Federal Airfield, located 4 miles from Google”s Mountain View, California, to Google”s Planetary [...]

Why we tend to forget `where we parked our cars `

Washington : In a new study, scientists have explained why we are not able to remember and locate where exactly had we parked our car in a parking lot. Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have induced this all-too-common [...]

New technology uncovers never-before-seen human genome variations

Washington : A new genome sequencing technology has uncovered many never-before-seen human genome variations. The discoveries at the University of Washington close many human genome mapping gaps that have long resisted sequencing. Evan Eichler, [...]

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