Galaxies probably settled 2b yrs earlier than previously believed

Washington,  Scientists have dug deeper and discovered that galaxies actually settled in to their current forms some 2 billion years earlier than previously thought. A group of researchers used the collective efforts of the hundreds of thousands [...]

Why sadness lasts 240 times longer than other emotion

  Washington, A new study has revealed that because sadness often goes hand in hand with events of greater impact such as death or accidents, it lasts 240 times longer than any other emotion. According to the study, emotions that last a [...]

Facebook, Twitter may help restrain spread of HIV

Washington,  In a new study, researchers have discovered that posts on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter could help control the spread of HIV. Although public health researchers have focused early applications of social media [...]

Natural gas expansion not enough to slow climate change

Washington,  In a new study, scientists have found that natural gas alone was not enough to slow the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Because natural gas emits half the carbon dioxide of coal, many people hoped the recent [...]

Carbon nanotube-based lights are more efficient than LEDs

Washington,Japanese scientists have recently discovered carbon nanotube-based lights that are more efficient than LEDs. Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan have developed a new type of energy-efficient flat light source based on carbon [...]

New implantable eye device may make reading glasses obsolete

Washington,  A new study has revealed that a thin ring inserted into the eye could improve vision up close providing easy remedy for presbyopia and making reading glasses obsolete soon. One of the devices is the KAMRA inlay, a thin, flexible [...]

Bizarre fossils identified as distant cousins of humans

Washington,  Scientists have confirmed that some peculiar ancient fossils are actually distant relatives of humans. According to the University of Adelaide researchers, the fossils belong to 500-million-year-old blind water creatures which [...]

Now, electronic circuits that dissolve in water

Washington,  Scientists have been working on electronic devices that dissolve completely in water, leaving behind only harmless end products. Led by John A. Rogers from the University of Illinois, early results of the study demonstrated the [...]

Penguins’ personalities prepare them to adapt climate change

Washington, A new study has revealed that personalities of the Penguins or birds help them to cope with the climate change. As the global climate continues to change, the ability of many animal species to adapt has always been put to the test. [...]

Siberian craters may help in solving Bermuda Triangle mystery

London : Scientists have claimed that giant Siberian craters that were recently found might help in solving the long standing mystery of Bermuda Triangle. For decades reports of large vessels vanishing without a trace when entering the part [...]

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