India’s Modi meets troops in Diwali day Kashmir visit

Srinagar (India)  - India’s Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a rare visit to the Siachen glacier in the disputed Kashmir region Thursday to rally the morale of troops after recent deadly border clashes with Pakistan. As [...]

India’s forgotten widows defy taboos to celebrate Diwali

Vrindavan (India)  - As the early autumn sun begins to set on the Yamuna river, hundreds of Indian women swathed in white and carrying traditional earthenware lamps file through winding streets to the edge of the holy waters. The women, chanting [...]

India’s Modi burnishes economic credentials with reform blitz

New Delhi – India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unleashed a slew of reforms in the past week, scrapping fuel subsidies, simplifying labour rules and pledging to open coal mining to private players in a bid to kickstart the [...]

Kolkata’s gold panners reap rewards at India festival time

Kolkata  - As 40-year-old Mohammed Iqbal sifts through sludge in the back alleys of Kolkata’s jewellery market for gold dust, his weathered face brightens slightly at the recent uptick in work. For generations, the city’s group [...]

Indian cracker industry fears rival Chinese fire power

Mumbai – Workers in India’s lucrative firecracker industry say illegal Chinese imports are flooding the market and threatening their jobs as the country prepares for the Hindu festival of lights this week. Diwali, which is on Thursday, [...]

India says no compromise with China on territory

New Delhi – India wants to resolve its border row with China but will not compromise on territory, the country’s new national security advisor said Tuesday, after a tense stand-off between troops on the disputed border last month. Hundreds [...]

India’s Modi moves to reform problem-plagued coal industry

New Delhi  - India’s government has pledged to open up the coal mining industry to private players in the energy-starved country as Prime Minister Narendra Modi steps up promised reforms to revive the ailing economy. Modi’s right-wing [...]

India fireworks factory blast kills eight

New Delhi  - An explosion at a firecracker factory in southern India killed at least eight people on Monday, a day before the start of a major festival, reports said. Fireworks are a major feature of celebrations during the five-day Hindu [...]

India boss gives workers lavish gifts ahead of Diwali festival

Ahmedabad (India)  - A generous boss in western India has given 1,200 of his workers new cars, deposits for flats and thousands of dollars worth of diamond jewellery as rewards for loyalty. The diamond merchant from the city of Surat presented [...]

India frees diesel prices, easing state grip on economy

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