Moscow Prepares for March Commemorating Russian Opposition Leader

Authorities are preparing for tens of thousands to march in central Moscow Sunday in memory of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was shot to death late Friday after urging people to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in [...]

Turkey, Kurdish Leaders Call for Conference

ISTANBUL — The imprisoned leader of the Kurdish rebel group the PKK has called on it to attend a conference on disarmament in Turkey. The announcement was made in a joint statement by government ministers and pro-Kurdish deputies. Disarmament [...]

Heavy Weapons to Return to Front Lines if Truce Breached

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said his military is ready to return its heavy weapons to the front lines in eastern Ukraine, noting that Russian-backed rebels are still violating a cease-fire deal reached earlier this month. Poroshenko [...]

Cameron Defends Security Services Over ‘Jihadi John’

LONDON— Britain’s prime minister has defended his country’s Security Services after reports that a radicalized British militant, who appeared in videos of the beheadings of Western hostages in Syria, was on a terror watch list [...]

Govt. should complete work on energy projects early: Abdul Basit

Greek officials worked Monday to complete economic reform proposals due to their European creditors by the end of the day, as part of a deal to extend the Athens bailout for four months. Last week, European finance ministers gave Greece the [...]

More Costs for Russia Possible Over Ukraine

Calling Russia’s actions in Ukraine “illegal,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said to lawmakers Monday that more sanctions should be imposed on Russia, if pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine attempt to expand their territorial control. “Russia [...]

Russia Pressures Anti-Corruption Group

The global anti-corruption group Transparency International is once again getting pressured by the Kremlin. The move is seen by Russia analysts as part of a broad plan to stifle criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration. Russian [...]

Pro-Russia, Anti-Ukraine Rally Held in Moscow

Russians have gathered in a central square in Moscow for what they call an “anti-Maidan” rally, vowing to prevent a pro-Western uprising like the one that took place in Ukraine’s capital a year ago. Thousands of pro-Kremlin [...]

Greece Relieved by Debt Deal, but Difficulties Ahead

The Greek prime minister says a new agreement with European leaders to extend his country’s debt-repayment plan – the Greek “bailout” – was an important success, but now “real difficulties” lie ahead. “We [...]

France, Germany Threaten New Sanctions Over Ukraine

France and Germany have pressed again for respect for the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine and withdrawal of heavy weaponry, threatening new costs if warring sides there don’t comply with last week’s truce deal. Speaking Friday to reporters [...]

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