Report: US Surveillance Programs Threaten Press Freedom

WASHINGTON —U.S. surveillance programs are making it more difficult for government officials to speak to the press anonymously, two rights groups said on Monday. Large-scale surveillance, on top of the Obama administration’s crackdown [...]

US Lawmakers Expand Probe of Federal Biolab Mishaps

WASHINGTON —U.S. lawmakers on Monday said they were expanding their investigation of federal biosecurity lapses including problems at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that led to the mishandling of anthrax and bird flu pathogens. Republicans [...]

US Capital Seeks Stay on Gun Ban

WASHINGTON —The attorney general for Washington, D.C., says the city will seek a stay of a federal judge’s ruling overturning the city’s ban on carrying a handgun in public. City officials say they are deciding whether to appeal [...]

Donors Pay to Test Seawater for Traces of Fukushima Radiation

SEATTLE, WA — It has been more than three years since the Fukushima nuclear plant accident resulted in a spill of millions of gallons of radioactive cooling water into the Pacific. Oceanographers projected it could take until this year for [...]

Embrace ‘Economic Patriotism’

U.S. President Barack Obama has criticized what he calls “a small but growing group” of big corporations that are fleeing the country to avoid paying taxes. The U.S. leader said in his weekly address Saturday the companies are [...]

Judge Declares Washington DC Ban on Public Handguns Unconstitutional

WASHINGTON — A U.S. federal judge has ruled that a ban on carrying handguns in Washington, DC is unconstitutional. The ruling, made public Saturday, overturns the city’s prohibition on carrying a gun in public. Judge Frederick Scullin [...]

California Wildfires Destroy Homes

Two wildfires in California have destroyed 11 homes and scorched thousands of hectares of land since Friday. East of the state’s capital Sacramento, hundreds of homes were evacuated along the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain [...]

Images Prove Russia Fired Rockets into Ukraine

United States officials have released satellite images (see below) they say show that Russia has fired rockets against Ukrainian forces in the last week, in support of separatist rebels. The images, which were prepared by the Director of National [...]

Clock Ticking for Congress to Act on US Border Crisis

WASHINGTON — This week is Congress’ last chance to respond to a surge of undocumented children arriving at America’s southern border before U.S. lawmakers leave town for a five-week recess. At issue is how much money to appropriate to [...]

White House Aide: Republicans Might Try to Impeach Obama

A top White House adviser said on Friday Republicans might try to impeach President Barack Obama over his go-it-alone immigration strategy, as Obama prepared to talk about the U.S. border crisis with Central American presidents. Dan Pfeiffer, [...]

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